Mástiles giratorios


Mast top assembly with 4 x PG13,5 cable gland fitted to keyed mast sections


Standard natural clear anodised seamless drawn aluminium mast sections with ø 4½» (114,3 mm) base tube and mast rotation handle


360º turnable cardan mast base with air connection, overpressure/drain valve and rotation brake


Standard pre-mounted and connected warning switch


Mast top shroud to protect the keyed mast sections


Power supply cable (5 metres) with numbered wires for lamp/beacon connection
Internal cable:
9 x 1.5 + 4 x 0.75mm²

TF400E T-series ES

Mástiles giratorios de alta resistencia.


  • Para luz direccional (360°);
  • Para vehículos medianos o pesados;
  • Fácil de instalar;
  • Fácil de usar;
  • Varios focos disponibles (por encima o por debajo de la barra)

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