Roof Mounted systems



Robot Head with a tilt- & turning speed of 7,5 seconds over 180°


Air-operated telescopic mast based on proven TF 400 Series


Light weight metal construction (aluminium & stainless steel)


Internal electrical spiral cable


With or without built-in TekAir compressor

Roof Robot Series

Roof mounted telescopic mast lighting systems for SUV’s, vans & fire fighting vehicles.



  • Compact construction;
  • Easy to install;
  • Simple to use;
  • Powered by the 12/24 volt vehicle battery;
  • Single, double remote control with a RF remote control as an option;
  • Automatic stowage by a simple push of a button or the release of the handbrake;
  • Built-in compressor or air pressure system of the vehicle can be used.
  • A broad variety of lamp units;
  • Deadman function available if required.

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