Portable systems


Quick clamp socket ⌀ 24 mm for mast attachment of the lamp


Natural aluminium seamless drawn mast sections with thumb screws


Battery case with built-in intelligent analyser/charger, 110/230 volt AC socket, 12 volt DC outlet, carrying handle, containing a 12 volt 40 Ah maintenance-free rechargeable battery.

Finish: Orange RAL 2004


Mounting the mast on the battery/charger case is secured with a single thumb screw.


Push button for battery analysis

GREEN LED: fully charged (80-100%)
ORANGE LED: 1/2 charged (40-60%)
RED LED: Almost empty (20%)

Permanent LED-indication during use of the lamp to monitor the battery load.

It is possible to use the lamp during the charing process.


110/230V AC power supply for charging the 40 Ah battery.


Bottom pin for quick and easy fitting of the mast onto the battery/charger case also equipped with rolling wheels for easy rolling.


Powerful, autonomous mast mounted rolling lighting unit with intelligent battery analyser & charger.



  • Optional legs for stability;
  • Robust all-metal construction;
  • Easy detachable lamp unit;
  • Compact.
  • Simple to use;
  • Various lamp units available.

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