Portable systems


24 mm diameter quick clamp socket


Lockable mast rotation collar, standard natural clear anodised seamless drawn aluminium mast sections with ⌀ 2 1/2″ (63,5 mm) base tube


Bottom pin for quick and easy fitting onto a tripod or vehicle mounting bracket


Clamp collars to adjust the height of the non-keyed mast sections


Handpump and clamp handle for quick and easy fitting ont a tripod or vehicle mounting bracket


Air release screw

TF100 P-series

Pneumatic, portable or mobile mast lighting systems.


  • Extended by means of a handpump;
  • Compact & portable;
  • Can be combined with a tripod for field installation or with brackets to be installed on a vehicle/shelter,
  • For small service or fire vehicles;
  • Designed for small directional lighting applications.

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