About us

Looking for telescopic and sectional masts for communication, lighting or surveillance purposes? Then we, Teksam Company NV, can help you put together the most suitable solution.

Teksam Company NV originated from Clark Masts, which was founded in 1957, and has since produced large quantities of telescopic and sectional mast systems for a huge variety of applications. In 2014 a name change was made and Teksam Company NV (or TeksamCo) was created. This to have an all-encompassing name for the 3 product ranges: TekMast, Teklite and Clark Masts.

Over the years we have specialized in the design, development, production and sale of quick-erect mast systems. Large quantities of our masts have been sold and used by commercial, civil and military organizations worldwide.

Thanks to our own Research & Development department, we can, additionally to the already existing masts/systems, also respond to requests for new, tailor-made solutions and therefore also present new developments.

We guarantee quality products that will last for years, which is important for both current and future customers. We are able to do this by using high-quality and sustainable materials, but also by producing many items in-house. This way we control the quality and a large part of the production process ourselves:

  • own metalworking machines;
  • own aluminium casting furnaces;
  • own production of plastic parts;
  • own presses for rubber parts (seals, buffers, isolators, …);
  • own paint shop;
  • own print shop.

Our solutions can be found all over the world in many different applications. Whether it concerns a mast mounted on a vehicle, building or tripod, Teksam Company can certainly assist you in finding the best solution for your application!


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