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Clark Masts – WT-SERIES

The Clark Masts WT Series range of air operated telescopic masts have a base tube diameter of six inches and a maximum of nine telescopic sections. They are manufactured from 6082T6 seamless drawn 10 swg aluminium tube giving the mast very high strength. WT masts offer a very wide range of models with headload ranges from 15 kg to 160 kg and extended heights from 1.5 metres to 34 metres. Each telescoping section is keyed to prevent relative rotation to the next tube allowing the complete mast to be rotated from the ground with ease if directional headloads are being deployed. WT masts can be specified with non-locking or locking collars depending on the type of application and also rotating and non rotating bases. Bearing surfaces are fitted with nylon and PTFE to guarantee smooth and effortless extension and retraction in the most demanding climatic conditions. All WT masts have been tested to MIL STD 810F. When each tube is fully extended an automatic collet locking system provides complete rigidity when the mast is fully extended. The double Supertork twist system is a standard feature on WT masts making each WT mast capable of lifting headloads of larger weights and surface areas, triple Supertork limits torsional movement to 0.1 degrees and is available as an option. Air pressure is maintained by our standard range of natural rubber seals which are designed for all climates and have been tested in service all over the world for 50 years. All WT masts are assembled from our standard range of components manufactured to our normal high standards of quality control. Every WT mast is supplied with a comprehensive handbook detailing overhaul and providing the service workshop with fully itemised illustrated spare parts lists when selection of items for service are required. Maintenance of WT masts is limited to regular cleaning of the external telescoping mast sections and at very infrequent intervals the mast should be lightly greased with Silicone Grease,
Clark Masts ref. B3905. Clark Masts WT range of telescopic masts are supported by an extensive choice of accessories for all applications which are explained in detail later on in this leaflet.