Militaire masten

Clark Masts – Type 73 Mast System

Arange of heights up to 30 metres.
Headload capacity up to 75 kg.
MIL STD 810C Qualified.
4”diameteraircraftgradealuminium mast sections.
Compact, man portable kit in canvas bags for transport.
3 legged erection gear.
Mechanical mast lifting hoist.
Guy winch controller system with stainless steel guy wire.
Optional crane system available for heavy or bulky headloads.
Optional anti-twist kit available for increased torsional stability.

The Type 73 mast has served military
forces around the world since the 1970s
and sets the standard for a modular mast system up to 30 metres in height and
lifting headloads of up to 75 kg at 13 metres.
The mast sections have an outside diameter of 4 inches and are raised one at a time through the leg mounted mast guide box using the fail-safe hoist and cross-pin, giving the operator complete peace of mind.
Tensioning of the guys is controlled by the guy controller which keeps the mast that is being raised vertical and under tension at all times.