Civiele masten

Clark Masts – PT-SERIES

PT Series Masts are made from 6082T6 aircraft grade seamless drawn aluminium tube.
The base tube diameter is 4.5″ and can have a maximum of 7 sections.
Full length machined keyway to prevent relative rotation of sections allowing the whole mast to be turned easily at the base if required.
Rotating and non-rotating versions are available using optional bases.
Vehicle or shelter mounted either externally or internally.
Field mounted either with field legs or guys only.
Roof trolley versions for maximum height extensions.
Bearing surfaces are fitted with nylon and PTFE for smooth and effortless extension.
Natural rubber seals are fitted for reliable operation in the most demanding of climatic conditions.
Masts approved to MIL STD 810F.
Plain collar version for lowest collar stack height.
Locking collar version for long term unattended deployment.
Double Supertork anti-twist system fitted as standard reducing torsional movement to +/- 1.5 degrees.
Internal cables available for many PT masts, either standard power cable or twisted pair screened cable for video use.
A range of cable management solutions are available.
Various top fittings to suit your requirements.